"We could tell that your efforts were working as the call volume surged for each of our events. . . you have impressed us mightily in such a short period of time."

Senior manager
Travel & Entertainment company

"Thanks Debbie. We are getting really great feedback. This has been the best campaign we have run by far; definitely would do it next year!"

Law firm manager

"I saw the article and cartoon opposite the editorial page in this morning's paper. That was very quick placement! Thank you."

A College President


"Thanks very much for help preparing for today's radio interview. You all are invaluable."

"I received many calls about the magazine article you placed for me -- including comments about how important the piece is for the community. People who called said they liked the direct, to-the-point approach as well as details in the article. You made me look good! Thanks."

A senior vice president with an international company


"Many thanks!
This is well-written and a pleasure to work with. Look for it in our April issue."

Editor of a specialty trade publication


"I've been meaning to thank you for arranging for the two guests for my show. They were both GREAT segments and made my job easier."

Talk radio station host

"Thank you for always making us look good:)...Mike Lond, a PR master"

Senior Corporate Executive



"We had another jammed issue, but fortunately, the article (you provided) remianed in. It was very nicely written, and as I understand it, you were the author. We rarely use completely written contributions offered either by organizations, or PR firms; this was an exception. Thanks for providing it."

Editor of a New York State newspaper



"Thanks, Debbie. Can you let (name) know what a great column this was ... I really enjoy when our Sunday Business content has a wide appeal, more so than standard Business-y fare, and I think this is right on the money."

Editor, major daily newspaper


"When I watched my interview on Sunday, I was so relieved there were no major mishaps. Your connections were clearly essential. But your advice also was invaluable. I really appreciate your great work. I'm so glad we met at the Chamber"

Public Relations Director
Energy-related company

"Mike, thanks for a terrific job organizing the press late in the day and on zero notice? . . .As you know, coverage resulted on all Connecticut television stations and the newspapers we target."


"Thanks for all of your help coordinating, drafting excellent questions and prepping us for the interviews. Having two lawyers on the same show discussing separate topics is a real marketing milestone."

A law firm's practice group leader

"Thank you for all your efforts on launching the press release. It is nice to see our presence in many newspapers and online blogs."

Marketing director for an architectural firm


"Mike, I can't thank you enough for setting up and arranging the (radio) interview . . .you were quick, professional, I was properly prepared, and the results were great. The interview will help advance (our) work . . ."

Leader of a nonprofit organization

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your fine organization for all the help you have given me and the firm.  It means a great deal to me.  Things are going well and you have made the transition a success.  Please extend my gratitude to everyone in your
group . . ."

A new partner at a regional firm



Listed, Connecticut Law Tribune, as an "unsung hero" for assistance with developing stories and background materials for the publication.


"A fantastic article from all fronts!"

Head of a services firm

"Your credibility and capital had more to do with (the story) being published than the story itself...I am deeply grateful for what you do. You and your staff have advanced my career measurably."

Senior law firm partner

". . . I already got an email from someone we have worked with in the past, (sent after seeing the) article! . . . Thanks for taking care of us! "

Marketing manager



"Phenomenal coverage!!!!."

Senior partner following media campaign for his firm



"Thanks for the opportunities you’ve provided us over the last couple of years, it’s been a big help to our business and in obtaining new clients. Much appreciated. "

Senior financial advisor

"In the craziness of this week, I neglected to take the time to thank you for your work on (our report). It arrived earlier this week and it looks quite beautiful. I am sure it will be a very effective tool for the coming year and your help putting it together for us is greatly appreciated."

Director Non-profit organization

Senior lawyer from a national law firm

"Last night was an absolute winner by even the strictest standards! Mike London was our featured speaker and was by unanimous proclamation .... outstanding"

Chair of a regional business organization


Following a radio interview, a real estate attorney wrote to say:

Thank you and Debbie for all your support. It was a great experience for me and I look forward to doing it again in the future."

"Hi Mike, I just received the hard copy of the article. Thank you! These articles go a long way to increasing the visibility of my practice. I appreciate your creativity and hard work."

A senior financial advisor

You are doing a terrific job. Thanks for all your help. You don't have much to work with and you are still killing it."

An attorney



"Thanks so much to you both. I'm very pleased, as you can imagine."

Head of a services firm

"Michael, you are very good!
I just finished the CT Law Tribune interview. I am sure it will be a very good article for us! Mike helped steer the conversation quite well.
Thanks Mike! "

Senior Lawyer's email to the firm's managing partner & M.J. London

"Mike- How very nice of you to write. So appreciate this, - and I loved doing that story- You really are the Man – right on top of things, ready with the contact #- a reporter could not ask for more. (client) is absolutely the best- one of my favorites. Need to get him on air more!

Keep the great stories coming Mike- you are the best."

Reporter for NYC network affiliate

". . . pass along some great feedback for Mike London and his team – over the years, they have consistently brought us high value media opportunities, including a phone interview I Just did this afternoon. Mike and his team have always worked incredibly well with my team and have made the process surrounding each opportunity seamless. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Mike and his team for years to come . . ."

Corporate Vice President

"I know for a fact that the coverage you have gotten us so far has been getting us results . . .I feel very confident that we will have the numbers we are looking for."

Director of Communications
Travel & Entertainment company

"I just thought you would like to know, as you head off to the weekend, that at our board meeting yesterday, it was agreed by all that you were a very wise investment on (our) behalf. Thank you for all you are doing for us."

College public relations representative


Thought you would like to know that the gala was a great success . . .You and your team did a great job of getting the word out – not only were appearances on radio and TV helpful in general, but the gala publicity helped to generate awareness and interest. We are especially pleased that you got the (daily paper) to do something!! Kudos! . . . Thanks again for your great efforts and excellent results.

Head of non-profit foundation

"Good morning, Mike.
Thanks again for arranging the speaking opportunity to last night. I have found the media engagements and public speaking opportunities developed by you helpful in growing my pipeline for new business. As we have discussed, I have acquired meaningful institutional and retail leads directly linked to the work I have done with you. I expect to close some of these leads over the next few months.

I look forward to continuing to work with you for a number of reasons. I enjoy helping my firm create a higher level of awareness of our brand in our local market. I believe working with you will assist me in reaching the personal goals I have set for my practice, and I enjoy the personal growth I experience from dealing with different media outlets and the public. All the best. "

Branch Manager and Vice President for International financial services firm


Several people over the past few weeks mentioned they saw the article you placed for me. This morning we met with some prospective clients. They had seen the article and I could see that it made a positive impression on them. They thought it was cool to be reading an article by their soon-to-be financial advisor that just happened to be in their Sunday newspaper. They are coming back next week to sign the new account paperwork. I do think the press helped and I thank you for your efforts in making that opportunity available.

A senior financial advisor

"The article came out great. Really appreciate your expertise on pursuing every angle to get my name in the press. I couldn’t be happier with your work."

Senior VP of Financial Firm

"We did see the article. Nice piece and nice placement. We are sharing with clients and prospects as we speak."

Life Insurance vice president


"This is an excellent placement. Well done all!"

Head of a corporation's Public Affairs department


"I just want to let you know I had a meeting with a potential client today. The woman (said) she chose me is because she read the article you (placed) in the Atlantic City Press. So I just want to let you know your hard work paid off. Thanks so much"

Senior Financial Advisor


"We appreciate all of your help. You and your team have done a tremendous job."

Company vice president


"Your advice and guidance were right on target."


"Great coverage of the press conference. Thanks again for your help."

Social Service agency

"I want to thank you for your good work. You are certainly helping turn our situation around."

Public relations project leader for an international bank

"Nice writing. I can tell you were a journalist. Refreshing!"

New Jersey-based editor

"Wow – very impressive results!"

Marketing manager of a life insurance company

Thanks Debbie – nice job with getting this publicity for our CEO."

Marketing director for an insurance company

"Good work by Michael London and his team on using a timely and relevant issue to generate media exposure."

Senior Vice President at large national firm




"My first day back and everyone I see is commenting about the article. That publication is read by so many people. Nice job."

A corporate vice president

"That is awesome!"

Executive's response to article on his business

"...another great experience with the media created by Mike London. I had the opportunity to appear on Fox...Mike continues to help me leverage the...brand to build market share through multiple media outlets. He is a very effective coach and mentor."



"Mike, a terrific piece. Nice work making this happen."

Project Manager


"Excellent Mike. Good job." Response to an article placement. ;

Senior Partner

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